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, 17 2019 .
dyjtyjs  17:33:26
, 16 2019 .
: 2  . 21:25:55
­watertight 5 2019 . 16:16:44 ­ watertight
­kisaragi saya 5 2019 . 15:12:09 ­DEMON
o ooee.
oepoe, yooe, oxoe.
poe, ecaapoe, ceoe.
M pac pe p, yc oao, oopoe coao o ooee, oopoe a aa ac
B xoe peo? Too xoe. A cea. B xoe pac ooc poo e, yp e
cape, aea c o pcoa a e payy?
M a cee c papea cepe y p paco po. A e.
M poa. B papye. M Ecea. O oecc. a aeo ooe. M e cx
eaeo a acx. B cca e pe cpa papya e xpyy yy, a ep , o e,
oa oa oecac. -a ac.
M e oc oca ooa c cy oo a 14 epa eye, oopy . B e caa py
e epaoo opea.
Hae ooee paec a ocoex. M eox. C o. C eea a acx. C Mape
Xo ayax. B eox eax. C ca oyx oocax. B po ax ca oee ca
papea x oa, a x o-ee .
B oepc ca. a co. Ho e caae c a ac.
M o ooe aa ac oep.
o ooee.
ooee, oopoe aoc... ac oe a. B c yaee ca. oe. A oa ae a o.
Ha eeoe, a oop cop cy pa e, o ye o ap, oopoo yee ,
ecop a co oepo ey a, a o, a o eeoe ec oap, o e oepc.
a, o ooee.­­
: http://watertight.b­eon.ru/0-2-vzjato-za­pis-v-dnevnik-2.zhtm­l

Dairo > (, )

The Rise And Fall - VIII

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